About Us


Welcome to Marek's Moths

The Marek's Moth site was developed in 2011 as a personal record of moths and butterflies recorded at our home and on our field trips. Now that we have become more experienced we have started recording whilst on holiday, both in the UK and abroad.

It is really a familly project with my wife doing the majority of identifications and my son creating and maintaining the website.

All images are our own and identifications are made solely from these to the best of our ability using a variety of sources and, where possible, verified by people with more expert knowledge than ourselves. Consequently we cannot guarantee, especially with the micro moths, that our identifications are always correct and there may be discrepancies with similar species when genitalia dissection is required.

All records used on other sites are verifed by experts from the images we provide them.

We do not believe in disection for absolute identification and leave this practice to the professionals and their sites.

Our sole aim is to have fun and learn more about moths including their habits and habitats.

As I am from an engineering background the site has been designed for speed of access to information devoid of clutter and advertisments.

Hopefully to some it will provide a means of finding sufficient information about a moth or butterfly they have seen to enable them to navigate through the numerous professional sites available for more detailed information.

During post processing, backgrounds are cleaned and adjusted for uniformity whilst minor repairs are made to damaged moths with original pictures being retained for identification purposes.

We gratefully accept comments regarding not only our images but how the site is put together as this is a continuous learning process.


I look at you i see the truth i see what you wanna hide i see the you thats on the inside the moth you could be and should be and want to be
the side your afraid to show to have the strength you will never know
to take a chance and be bold or to waste away to old
you never know unless you try so spread your wings you just might fly